Parents' Euphony

"We are so pleased that our daughter chose Prudence. What a great job Prudence is taking up the high standards, you do uphold of students in school, is clearly demonstrated by staff also."

Nethor Doct -Developer Mrs. Nirisha Praveen. - M1- Tulip

“I am very happy with the progression my son has made in his second year”

Nethor Doct -Developer Mr. Tejas M H - M2 – Blueberry

We feel very much glad to share the success stories of alumnus of our school, who have thrived and reached summit in their arena. The achievers are of the yesteryears batches. A school is a very genuine place like a temple where we go daily to learn and study to go ahead in our life. Prudence International school is nestled between gentle sloping hills and surrounded by a sprawling campus of breath taking greenery. The teachers here are well experienced so that they teach us in very effective and creative manner. It comprises of many co curricular activities like swimming, skating etc., And they provide butterfly kits for easy understanding of the subject. Finally this institution has been successful in providing the students with best possible physical, intellectual, moral and cultural training in order that each student can realize their potential. So it is the best school.

Nethor Doct -Developer Mr. Abhishek (2016-17 Batch) - Got 899 Rank in CET, Persuing BE Mechanical Course.

I feel so enthusiastic when I recall my memories in Prudence that spanned four years. In my first visit I was impressed by the beautiful gardens, cleanliness and the greenery surrounded by. Added later were the friendly teachers and a lot of sports. I loved football which I learnt here. I also liked the art classes. I cherish the celebrations done during the annual days, sports meets games played and so on, I carry these memories throughout my life with all my respects to my teachers.

Nethor Doct -Developer Mr. Nachiketh BN (2016-17 Batch) - Secured 96 percentile at JEE Exam