"Skating Rink"

"Glide into a new era of fun and excitement as we proudly inaugurate our brand new Synthetic Basket ball and 100mtr Banked Track Skating Rink!"

We are delighted to announce the successful inauguration of the new synthetic Basket ball and Skating Rink at school. This innovative and environmentally-friendly facility aims to provide a unique and enjoyable skating experience for students. The inauguration ceremony took place on 5th June, 2023 and witnessed the presence of high esteemed school management and enthusiastic skating enthusiasts.

Facility Features: The synthetic skating rink offers several unique features that enhance the skating experience and contribute to sustainability:

Synthetic Surface: The skating rink is equipped with a high-quality synthetic surface that replicates the smoothness and gliding sensation of real ice. The unique cutting-edge technology is adopted to foster the needs of young skaters. The synthetic skating rink incorporates advanced safety features such as shock-absorbing materials and anti-slip surfaces, minimizing the risk of injuries and ensuring a safe environment for skaters of all skill levels.

The inauguration of the new synthetic skating rink represents a significant step towards sustainable and inclusive recreational facilities. We encourage our students to embrace the joy of skating, and become a part of this exciting new chapter in our school' s recreational offerings.