School Policies

School Timings :
Classes : M1 & M2 09:10 am to 01:00pm
Classes : M3 & G10 09:10 am to 03:30pm
Classes : G9 & G10 09:10 am to 04:30pm
  • (Special Classes will be held between 03:30 pm and 04:30pm)
  • Classes M1 to G7 will have holiday on all Saturdays
  • Class G8 to G10 will have holiday on 3rd Saturday of every month
Visiting Hours Mandate on Prior Appointment
Principal Vice Principal
Wednesday – 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm Monday– 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Saturday – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm Thursday – 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Determine the approach of your visit to meet the Principal at School

Attendance Policy

We at Prudence, insist on regularity to school so that children achieve their maximum educational potential, do not miss formal assessments, do not cause inconvenience to their peer group for extra support due to unnecessary absence and to experience the full and rich cultural, spiritual and value based education that the school offers.

  • Attendance on the re-opening day of the school after Term I and Term II vacation is compulsory.
  • Attendance is compulsory on all official school functions.
  • Children who are eligible for maximum attendance are awarded a certificate merit.
  • Leave is to be applied only on the printed page provided in this diary.
  • To apply leave for any special reason other than the above specied circumstances, parents are requested to obtain prior permission from the Principal in person.
  • Children are responsible for making up all work that they have missed out during their absence.
Withdrawals and Issue of T.C.
  • Withdrawal of students during a school year is not advised.
  • However, parents wishing to withdraw their child / children at the end of an academic year should inform the Principal, in writing, by 31st march.
  • If notification / application for withdrawal is not given by this date, then a full term`s fee will be payable before a Transfer Certificate can be issued. If it is to be done in the middle of the year, the fee due up to the end of the year will have to be remitted.
  • Transfer Certificates will be issued only to those who have fully settled all the fee and other dues.
Dress Code
  • It is compulsory for every student to wear the school uniform while attending classes and for school functions. The uniforms are to be clean and well pressed.
  • Activity dress representing the respective house colour must be worn on the allotted activity days and Mass P.T.
  • Long and shoulder length hair of girls need to be plaited neatly with black hair band. Short hair should be neatly cut and pinned. Bobbed hair must have combed look always.
  • Ear drops, bangles, anklets, colourful bands, slides and big bindis are not allowed. Small ear studs are permitted.
  • Nail polish and long nails are not allowed.
  • Boys need to keep their hair always short and well-trimmed. Trendy and fashionable hair cut is not permitted.
  • Children are supposed to dress decently when they are allowed to wear colour dress. Transparent materials need to be avoided.
Scholastic Areas
Assessment Policy

Children will undergo assessments devised by the Central Board of Secondary Education Which differs from class to class.

  • Continuous Comprehensive evaluation will play a prominent role in assessing children. All areas of Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas will be evaluated and respective grades will be given.
  • Assessment processes are also supported by systematic recording, reporting and monitoring arrangements in order that children, parents and staff, receive accurate, meaningful and frequent feedback on progress in learning.
  • Parents are expected to collect the progress reports of their wards in person during the Parent-Teachers' Meet.
  • Promotion is granted on the basis of assessments the year round.
  • The school follows the Evaluation System according to the CBSE norms. nal and will not be
  • Certificates will be awarded to children based on the following performances
  • Academic Excellence.
  • Full attendance on a term basis.
  • Excellence in Sports, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities.
  • Any act by a student which brings great credit to our school.
Clubs / activities / Community Sports and Games
No child can be exempted from Physical Education / Specialized Activity or Club Activities unless for strong medical reasons.
1. Two activities are compulsory during the academic year and is left to the choice of the children. Children are to decide well before making their choice.
2. Switching over to other activities every year is not recommendable as it will not help in developing expertise in the chosen field of activity.
3. No child will be permitted to switch over to any other activity for minimum of one year.
4. After a year if at all the child or parent needs a switch over, it needs to be reported in person by the parent and permission availed from the Principal.
5. Club activities that fit in to the curriculum are also compulsory but the decision will be made both by facilitators and children.
Children should be prompt in reporting to the ground for exercises / games / sports schedule. Late reporting and reluctance to report will be viewed seriously.
1. Children are expected to report in sportswear for exercise, games and sports activities.
2. No student is exempted from exercise, games and sports unless for strong medical reasons.
3. Reporting back to the class is must after the session and should be in time.
Instructional policies

To encourage self-disciplinary traits in our children through a well ordered environment where effective teaching and learning are a priority for everyone, our school emphasizes the importance of using encouragement and praise as often as possible and certainly more often than disapproval and criticism.

  • Any form of verbal abuse, rude behaviour, making fun of other's appearance and impairments, teasing the opposite gender, bullying, pinching, pushing, pulling, hitting, breaking and damaging other's personal possessions will be treated as serious felony.
  • Such incidents will be recorded in the class anecdotes and student complaint acceptance forms after which children will undergo a counselling session with the Vice-Principal. He/she will undergo a warning session by the Principal in case of repetition of the same mistake, after which parents will be notified.
  • The school authorities reserve the right to take the appropriate disciplinary action against the student whose conduct is detrimental to the moral tone, discipline and educative atmosphere of the school.
Forbidden Practices Forms of Disciplinary Measures
1. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards refrain from bringing valuables, cash and prohibited articles to school. The following disciplinary measure may be adopted in case of breach of any of the school rules.
1. Written warning
2. Please forbid your child from wearing expensive jewellery or wrist watches. School will not take any responsibility for the loss / recovery of such things. 2. Imposition of Fine
3. Any electronic items or mobiles are not allowed. If found it would be seized and serious action would be taken. 3. Rustication which will mean that the student concerned shall not attend school till the expiry of the period of rustication.
4. Please avoid sending the metal rulers/ scales to school. They are strictly for bidden. 4. Expulsion (Removal or Dismissal) which will debar the student from being re-admitted to the school.
Transport Rules

Students must ride their assigned bus and may not switch to another bus without prior approval from the transportation office. Students must be at their designated bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Students must follow all safety rules and procedures while on the bus, including staying seated. Parents must communicate any changes in their child's transportation needs to the transportation office in a timely manner.

To the kind Notice of parents

The primary right and duty to educate children rests with the parents at home, more than any other place. Parents teach by example. They tremendously influence their children inculcating the virtues of love,in justice, generosity, loyalty and honesty. Parents are requested to join hands with the school in promoting harmonious growth and development of their children. Here are a few guidelines

Responsible Students

Parents are requested to see that their wards attend school in proper school uniform and they are punctual to school with the necessary books and stationery. Please ensure your child carries adequate lunch, snacks, drinking water, a spoon and 2 napkins. Well sharpened pencils, pens, covered notebooks and bound books need to be brought to school. A mark on the personal belongings of the child is preferable for identification purpose. Do remind the children often that ultimate responsibility of preserving their belongings rests only with themselves. Parents are requested to monitor and teach your ward/s to maintain their personal hygiene.

Responsible Parents

Parents are expected to be vigilant about their children returning home immediately after school hours. Never send people to pick up your children from school, other than those whom you have referred to school. Never discuss the negative points of facilitators or school before children. Kindly do not jump into conclusions listening to your child's complaints. Do clarify with the Principal about the same. Kindly do not attempt to gift the facilitators, staff, drivers etc., in order to seek favouritism. School discourages external tuition help arranged personally by parents as the difference in coaching will ultimately confuse the child. Please talk to children about events that happen in the country and around the world and consider taking them out to places of interest during the holidays.

A suggestion/ complaint box is placed near the school office for parents to drop in their suggestions/complaints.