Sports Day

Where Champions Rise: A snapshot of moments that defined our Sports Day!

29th December: M1 to Grade 3

The sports day on the 29th of December witnessed enthusiastic participation from M1 to Grade 3 students. The event featured various sports and athletic activities, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork among the young participants.

Guest of Honor: Dr. Alka Kinra

We were honored to have Dr. Alka Kinra from Smart Cerebrum Teacher Training Bureau as the chief guest. Her insightful words motivated and inspired both students and teachers alike. Dr. Kinra's presence added a valuable dimension to the event, emphasizing the importance of physical activity in education.

30th December: Grade 4 to 10

The sports extravaganza continued on the 30th of December, featuring students from Grade 4 to 10. The day was filled with exhilarating moments as participants showcased their athletic prowess in a range of events.

Guest of Honor: Mr. Ap. Sampath Kumar

We were privileged to have Mr. Ap. Sampath Kumar, the Physical Education Director from Transcend School, Bangalore, as our esteemed guest. His expertise and passion for sports added a special flair to the occasion. Mr. Sampath Kumar's encouraging words resonated with the older students, emphasizing the role of sports in holistic development.

Both days were a testament to the school's commitment to promoting physical fitness and a healthy competitive spirit among students.