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President & Secretary Message

Mr. G S Renukappa


I deem it a great pleasure to share the achievements of school for it’s outstanding accomplishments in a short span of time. I am sure that my perception, belief and strong determination has led to the feat of pinnacle.

I wish to admit that the institution has completed 10 years of service and its vision has been tested over the last 10 years and has proved to be effective and successful.

The school caters to the needs of young minds by providing holistic approach to meet the demands of outside world.

Our prime goal revolves at implementing a well balanced curriculum to ensure that the children who walk into the portals of our school will not just love their school years truly be prepared to face life’s challenges.

Mr. P. Rudresh Kumar


Our 18 years of experience has taught us that a good learning environment is essential in ensuring that children get the most out of their chosen course to envisage this mission, we focus on the 2Ist century and holistic education, to keep this view in mind we prioritize the growing needs and demands or children, to race tne challenges that the future holds young minds, as "Today's children are tomorrow's assets 'Children are a gift from God, it’s a tremendous blessing to love, serve and educate them. We have heard that school life is always the best part of everybody s life as it provides space for learning.

Today, parents are confused to select a right school for their children, their preferences and priorities have been set high, seeking full fledged facilities and a top notch quality education.

It's been an usual sight and a perplexing dilemma. In view of this recurring mindset, I wish to admit that, since I've been into this noble realm of imparting knowledge. My steady wisdom, acquired from relentless service and the rich experience I possess from the year 2002 has perceived me to build and set up a very good and beautiful campus.

We not only intended to provide an attractive and well built campus, our intention also revolved around child centred institution, where it fosters physical aspect, social aspect and an overall development of a child. Which in turn facilitates a child to face challenges of today’s competitive world.

The children are taught to develop confidence through the flexible curriculum and are exposed to various co-curricular activities such as swimming. Skating. Dance, Music, Taekwondo to channelize their energy into more social avenues. I he school has a remarkable history of its growth, Prudence is not just an institution it's a movement in transtorming young minds into responsible citizens. The school has achieved its goal and accomplished its set mission by gathering I500 children strength from its miniature world which took its inception only by 32 students, and has proved that it is one of the best schools in Tumkur city.

To comply with this pioneering journey, I would like to add a new manifestation to provide a safe, positive and a convenient ambience by laying foundation for the college infrastructure for the academic year 2020-2022.

Eventually l and my team have stood on a promissory note to proclaim that we provide the best education to meet the demands and challenges of learners to face global challenges.