Cheers and Laughter: Our intramural event filled with joy and excitement!

Intramural Extravaganza: An action-packed day celebrating sports and camaraderie! Intramural Sports Athletic Spirit Unity"

Title: Intramural Sports Event: Fun and Excitement in Running, Tug-of-War, Dodge Ball, Hoops Relay, Ball Passing and Sack Races

Introduction: The school recently organized an exhilarating intramural sports event, featuring running races, tug-of-war competitions, and sack races. The event was specifically designed to promote physical activity, teamwork, and sportsmanship among the participating children. Held on July 13th 2023 the event witnessed enthusiastic participation from children across various age groups.

Ball passing and Hoops Relay: (Grade 1 and 2)

Ball Passing was a unique and engaging activity that put the participants' coordination and concentration to the test. Students were divided into groups of five, forming circles facing inward. Each group was given a small ball, and the objective was to pass the ball around the circle without dropping it.
Each team consisted of four players who had to maneuver through a series of obstacles, including hurdles and cones, while dribbling a basketball.
The excitement was palpable as teams dashed through the course, passing the ball among themselves with precision and speed.

Sack Races: (Grade 3)

Sack races added a fun and amusing element to the intramural sports event. Children hopped and bounced their way to the finish line, each wearing a colourful sack. The races were not just about speed but also required balance and coordination, leading to several moments of laughter and enjoyment. The sack races fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants as they laughed and cheered for one another.

Tug-of-War: (Grade 4)

The tug-of-war competition brought out the competitive spirit in the children as they formed teams and battled it out to prove their strength and teamwork. The event featured matches between houses from different classes. Each team strategized and coordinated their efforts to pull the opposing team across the designated line. The cheers and support from fellow classmates added to the lively atmosphere of the event.

Dodgeball: (Grade 5)

Dodgeball proved to be one of the most thrilling activities of the day. This classic game involved two teams facing off in a friendly battle, aiming to eliminate opposing players by hitting them with soft, foam balls. The objective was to out maneuver opponents and avoid getting hit while strategically targeting the other team.

Running Race: (Grade 6, 7 and 8)

The running races were the highlight of the intramural sports event. Children, divided into different houses displayed their speed and endurance on the track. The track was well-marked and supervised by dedicated volunteers to ensure safety. The races included sprints for the younger children and longer distances for older participants. The excitement and cheer from the spectators encouraged each child to give their best, making the running races a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Participation and Inclusivity:

The event witnessed an impressive turnout of participants, ranging from preschoolers to older students. Teachers, parents, and school staff were also actively involved in organizing and supporting the event. The inclusivity of the intramural sports event allowed children of all skill levels to participate, fostering an environment of encouragement and support. The focus was on participation and enjoyment rather than just winning, and this contributed to a positive and uplifting atmosphere.


The intramural sports event, featuring running races, tug-of-war, and sack races, was a resounding success. It provided children with an opportunity to engage in physical activities, promote teamwork, and experience the joy of friendly competition. The event not only contributed to the overall development of the children's physical abilities but also helped build social and emotional skills. By fostering a sense of sportsmanship and inclusivity, the event left a lasting impact on the young participants and reinforced the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle.