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Vice Principal's Message

Prudence International School enters its second decade as we enter a new phase of education. We are introducing greater diversity, choice and flexibility in our education system. It i5 in this regard we consider the theme for the academic policy. "Prompting Discipline in School: the surest way towards a sustainable quality education, it's very appropriate as we strive to nurture new generation of students with skills, talents and the character to take on new challenges and to thrive ina much more complex future.

The academic work in Prudence International School is a serious effort as we eschew mediocrity and always strive for excellence in our school. All subjects on the curriculum are given equal attention.

Instructional hours are extensively and beneficially utilised. Adequate class exercises and home work are given, marked and thoroughly discussed, Discipline is one of our strongest hallmarks and we believe it is a catalyst for excellent academic work.

CO-Curricular activities are given the much needed attention. There are various clubs in the school which the children belong to. Friday afternoons are meant for such assigned activities.

We believe that 'a sound mind lives in a sound body" so Physical Education and other sports are not compromised.

The upbeat ambition of every institution is to produce excellent results. I am proud to say that Prudence International School has chalked success in the Basic Education Certificate examinations. The school has turned out five batches, since its first attempt in 2015. All the batches have passed out with 100% result distinction.

Mr. P. Rudresh Kumar the Secretary of the school is the strong source of inspiration of the management committee to venture into the senior secondary school education, plans are on the drawing board and we trust in God that it will come to fruition.

Would like to thank the Parent Teacher Association for their continuous Support.

Mrs. Sushma V
Vice Principal