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Policy for Late Comers

At Prudence International School, we strongly believe in including punctuality and regularity in children. 95% attendance is the minimum requirements.

Students should report at least 10 minutes before the reporting time to school everyday. To develop this value, the following strategies will be followed:-

1. Children who have 95% and above will be given a certificate of attendance at the end of the academic year.

2. If a child is late in 3 instances parents will be requested to meet the Principal for oral explanation for repeated late coming.

3. If a child is late for the 4th instance, a fine of Rs. 50/- must be paid to the school office within two days of receiving a notice.

4. Students will not be permitted to attend class unless fine is paid.

5. It is expected that parents will support the school in inculcating the value of punctuality and regularity of work.