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HomeWork & Assessment

At Prudence International School, homework is set in order to encourage self study, review and reinforcement of the day’s lesson in class to encourage our students to become independent learners. As the saying goes "Practice makes perfection", so home work is given so that student can practice their school work at home.


It is compulsory for all students to attend the assessment.

The Academic performance of the student will be assessed in the following Manners.

Ist Term Unit Test : 10%

Unit Test Exam : 30%

IInd Term : 10%

Project : 10%

Unit Test Exam : 40%

Weightage will be given to the students performance throughout the year during promotion to the next class. No marks will be awarded for malpractice cases.

The grade scheme we follow:

90 - 100 A+ Outstanding

75 - 89 A Excellent

56 - 74 B Very Good

35 - 55 C Good

0 - 34 D Scope for improvement

1. The following penalties may be imposed:
a. A warning will be issued if a child is:

Misbehaving during an examination, including an attempt to disrupt the examination or distract another candidate.

Talking during the examination.

Failing to comply with the instructions of the invigilator or other members of the school staff responsible for the conduction of the Examination.

b. Marks may be deducted/no marks will be a awarded if a child is:

Paraphrasing another person’s work without acknowledging the source.

Copying the work of another candidate.

Talking unauthorized material into an examination room (for example, an electronic device, other than a permitted calculator, own rough paper notes. A mobile phone).

Exchanging or in any way supporting, or attempting to support, the passing on of information that is related to the examination.

Referring to, or attempting to refer to, unauthorized material that is related to the examination.


For Grade 1 to 5 = 45% in each subject.

For Grade 6 to 10 = 40% each subject.