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Art, Music, Dance and Drama

Art is an International language understand by all.

The splashes of colour reverberates with diversity and vividity of Human Emotion in the Art Room at the junior level. Individual styles and techniques get honed and displayed at the middle and senior school level.

Children enjoy hobby classes of various kinds of painting pot making, decorative articles, sketching, warli art at our important events.

Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture intellectual activity and human evolution.

Prudence provides a healthy ecosystem in place for musical education, they get exposure to global music and appreciate the art more. The young learners are exposed to the musical instruments like keyboard, guitar, flute and other instruments.

Dance and Drama are the two important activities which enrich childrens’ hidden political and allow them to spread wings to soar up in the domain whatever they crave for. There is a vast plat form to unleash the true talents of young children imparting proficient skills. The children are suffered with classical western and different genres of dance. There is a myriad scope for theatrical performance to nurture that artistic skills.