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General Statement

At Prudence International School, we aim to equip our children with the strategies to exhibit positive, polite and respectful behaviour at all times both at school and in the wider community. To achieve this, we believe in using positive assertive discipline.

The Golden Rules

The school follows a set of 6 simple and positive rules that all the children, staff and parents are familiar with. These are:

1. Discipline is the first rule of the school

2. Always treat everyone with the respect

3. Always be kind

4. Always speak softly

5. Always move in lines when going from one class to another

These rules are prominently displayed around the school and in every classroom, and our positive reward systems and sanctions are all based around them.

Whole School Rewards and Recognitions:

The school actively uses positiove rewards schemes and takes every opportunity to praise and recognize children in order to enhance approprate behaviour.

Students who show good behaviour and recognised and honoured during the school Assembly.