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President & Secretary Message

Sri Prabhu Swamy


Imparting education is a noble profession. Keeping this in mind I along with Sri Benaka Education and Charitable trust envisage an institution and named it Prudence International School.
The problem faced by the youngsters of today is much more complex than it was a decade ago. I started the school with the vision " To lay the right foundation, a blend of tradition and modernity for students to face the challenges of a constantly changing world".
'At PRUDENCE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL', Importance is given to providing the " best education". It is an overall development of the student - in academics, physical fitness, moral values, social behavior, and right attitude.
I firmly believe that a good education system not only aims at academic excellence but also at something more essential - training students to become better human beings and good citizens. The very aim of education is to build adaptable, multifaceted personalities. This is a herculean task which should be shared between the management, parents and the teaching community.

Mr. P. Rudresh Kumar


I would like to recall Swami Vivekananda's phase here, " Take up an idea, think of it, dream of it, let all your veins, brains and muscles be filled with that idea and just forget all other ideas; success will be yours".
To achieve the dream that I have, we have built a simply scenic campus. Gaze through its sprawling lush green fifteen acre campus, fully facilitated class rooms, huge library and audio visual rooms for the complete development of the pupils. That's not all; we have the best athletic tracks, swimming pool and sports complex of the highest standards. My dream has become a reality.
Whatever milestones the school has achieved since its establishment in April 2009 wouldn't have been possible without the support of the teaching staff and parent community. On behalf of the school and its managing committee, I take this opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the task of shaping up the best generation of pupils for the India of tomorrow.